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So, I’ve been thinking about what I really am hoping to achieve with this blog and I’ve narrowed it down (admittedly maybe only a little)

  1. I really do want to improve my writing. I want to be understood by other people, to learn how to transmit complicated ideas succinctly
  2. I want to transmit ideas I find cool, interesting or useful. My version of ‘cool’ is probably not to everyone’s taste but well maybe it will enlighten someone
  3. And by doing this, I’m hoping that I’ll understand the ideas better and also become more productive and creative. I want to make writing part of my everyday life. 

So not too much to ask then?


I am currently reading ‘I am a strange loop’ by Douglas Hofstadter and his preface has clarified something for me.  I really REALLY want to be able to write well. 

By well, I mean I want to be able to transmit complicated ideas in ways that people can understand easily. I’d also quite like to be entertaining but I suppose that’s probably I whole different kettle of fish.

This has come, not only from reading the beginning of this particular book, but also from my determined attempts to get good marks on essays and also my reading of interesting but rather obscure papers. It’s so frustrating to know that there is an interesting idea in there somewhere but before you can even get to not understanding the idea, you can’t understand the sentences by which it is being communicated. 

So please, PLEASE, if you have an idea of or advice on how to write better, tell me! Here’s to future academic and artistic development and a commitment to Hofstadter’s “religion” of clarity, simplicity and concreteness.