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I am interested in clashes, unexpected convergences and divergences.  I love the iterations of ideas and how they can flow and change and be conceptualised differently.  How one experience can change your life, or how one conversation can make you see the world and your place in it completely differently.

I love placing two bizarre and brilliant things next to each other and realising that the combination is even better, even more interesting.  I love stereotypes and fixed ideas because that means that just around the corner, there’s a revelation coming.  Nothing that simple could possibly be accurate, so you are maybe just one step away, one heartbeat, from discovering a whole new world that looks and smells and feels exactly the same but in fact is so different you can hardly remember the old one.

I love science and maths and ideas and proof and experiment.  I love music and emotion and personal expression and those things you just can’t explain.  Most of all I love people.  Their brilliance, their idiocy.  Their pure diversity and range.  We are all muddling along, lives increasingly connected and tangled.  Somehow, somewhere, it seems to me that we lost something important, the understanding that people and the world around us are interesting and need to be engaged with.  Not over a computer or through a TV set or facebook but out there!  Out there where bad things happen and people get hurt and things aren’t shiny and well lit and beautiful like films or TV programs.  Out there, things aren’t always good.

But, I think, if you shut that all out and pacify your anxiety about the things you can’t control and don’t understand with the inane, then you’ll miss out.  And maybe things will never be awful… but they’ll never be great either.  You’ll never understand or discover or experience anything but second hand emotions and second hand lives.

I think it’s time to look lively and grab life while there is still some life to grab.